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desales desimone despite dessner destefano detroit detweiler detwiler deus devaney devecchis development dever devers devine devito devitt devlin devotion dewees diamond diana dornblaser diane diane burns diane courbis diane dornblaser diane kopp diane miller dianne dianne conte diary diaz dibartolo dibruno dick did die diegidio diehl dienno dietitian dietrich digest digiovanni dilek arig dileonardo dillon dilolle dimarino dineen dinner diocesan diploma diplomas dir of admissions dir of mercy corps dir of placement director directs dirvin discuss discussed discusses discussing discussion discussions disimone diskin display distel distinction divine division doctor doctorate doctrine dode doherty dohme doing dolan dole dolly dolores dolores crombie dolores gillan dolores knisell doman dominican don don duclow don't dona molyneaux donahue donald donald duclow donald f. duclow donald k. freese donaldson donation donatucci donchez donna donna brozdonis donna doyle donna ferguson donna 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kosich geraldine stepsus gerard german germantown germany gerrie gerry gerth gertrude gertrude king gerwin gessner ghost giambattista giamboy giannascoli gibbons gibson gift gifts gill gilligan gilmore ginni fleck ginny ginty giordano girl girls girls' gisriel gives gladys gladys rivera glass gleason glee glee club glenda boyd glenn glennon gloria gm gm's gmers gmjc gmjcs gms goalie god god's gods godshall goelz going gola gold gold's golden golf gonzales gonzalez good goodwin gordon gordy goretti gorman gormley gossip govan government gown grace gracious grad gradl grads graduate graduates graduation graham grand grande grandizio granozio grant gray greek green greene greetings gregan gregorian gregorio gregory gregorys gribbin griffin ground groundbreaking group group picture groups guard guards guest guests guidance guild gus distefano gwalthney gwinnies gwyn gwyned gwynedd gwynedd day gwynedd mercy junior college gwynedd's gwyneddmercy gwyneddmercy college gwyneddmercy's gwyneddmercys gwynedds gwyneds gwynguide gwynmercian gwynmercian' gwynmercians gwynnie gwynnies gwynuggets gwυνμεrcιαν gym h h. kinney haffert hagan hagerty hail hailing hall hall's hallahan hallan hallowe'en halls hamilton hammer hampton handbook happ happy harcum hardiman hardimon harding harle harold harris harrison harron harry harry a. king harry elwell hart hartigan hartman harvest harvey has hatos hats havana having hawks hayden hayes haynes hazel he head heading headman heads healey health healy hear heard heart hearts heaven heekin heenan heidi norton helen helen mcdevitt helena helping hendrick henne hennessey hennessy henrich henry hentz herald herbert here here's heres herman heron herzog hesser hetherington heuisler hi hickey higgins high higher highlight highlighting highlights hilary hildman hill hills himes history hitchcock hober hockey hockeyists hoehing hoesch hoffman hogan holding holiday holidays holiness holl holland holt holy holzwarth holzworth home honduras honor honorable honored honoring honors honors convocation hoop hoopsters hop hope hopeful hopes hoping hopkins hopson horan horn horse hospital hospitals host hosts hotel houck houghton hour house how howard however hsu hubert's hudson hugh hughes hulse human humanities humanities div hungarian hunt hunter huntingdon hutchens hylinski hymn hynes i i'd i'll i'm i. i.r. iannucci ice if igoe ii ilse hawrysz im immaculata immaculata's immaculate immaculato immediately in inauguration incidentally included including india indian indians individual infant informal information initial inn inside instead institute instructor instructors intellectual intercollegiate interest interests international international students interracial investiture invitations iorio iovacchini ireland irene irene urbanek irish is isabel isabella isabella benton isabelle island isle issue it it's italian italy its iv ivan ix j j gallagher j. j.c j.v j009 j009chain of office matzdorf j009edmonda students nuclear j009gwyenned day 1982 j009mayfest 1982 j009ok johnston j009secretorial internship j011tasca_linback award 1986 j012genuardi frank jack jacqueline jacques jaeger jakabein jakubowski james james f. simons james fallon james r. williamson james simons james williamson jamieson jamshedpur jan jane jane a. korber jane f. buczkowski jane schultz janet janet behrmann janet gordon janet scarcia janice janie january januvarius japan jaramillo jaronski jazz jean jean marie michiels jean michiels jean murray jeanie jeanne jeanne gavin jeannie jeffers jefferson jeffrey jenell larue jengel jenkintown jennifer jerry jersey jesuit jesus jill ward jim jim abbuhl jimmy jo joan joan a. crooks joan crooks joan evansho joan iacocca joan kelly joan marie joan mcdevitt joan mckeown joanna joanna morrison joanne joanne petka joanne rendon joanne talarico joanne trotter job joe joe coleman joe's joey johanna john john reilly john ruggeri john's johnson johnston join joining jones joni joon jordan jose jose 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